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The Wax Grip is designed for riders who want the cushion and feel of an ‘all rubber’ grip (without plastic core). At 150mm, the Wax Grip is extra wide for lots of hand position leeway. It features a small flange on the inside.

On the outside there is no change in diameter so as not to impede hands moving on-and-off the grips. Our special 25a polymer is soft and tacky. The ribbed pattern is designed for a balance of cushion and control with a progressive increase in density towards the outside of the grip.

Durometer // 25a
Length // 150mm
Diameter// 30mm
End Clamp // N/A
Weight // 130g/pair

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew M.
A great grip option

As someone who’s tried all sorts of grips these are definitely a good combination of firm but soft as well on your hands. These are the first grips I’ve had with flanges but after riding them I like how it feels a lot actually.

Fantastic feel - shame about the bar end plugs

The grips feel amazing and I am now a convert from lock on grips. I can’t believe how soft and comfy they are. I ride them with gloves and are super grippy. The only problem I had was that installing the bar end plugs into my carbon bars; the plugs broke as I tapped them in with a mallet (they are too large to simply push in). Extracting them to replace with other plugs was a real pain and I needed to totally destroy them but being careful not to damage my carbon bars! Eek! I would recommend buying some other bar end plugs.

Willy B.
Great grips. Struggling with twist read below.

You can tell these were designed by riders. Those struggling with twist the secret is hairspray. Aqua Net all weather has been my go to since 82. If they still twist tie them off moto style. You can find videos online. You will see grooves at the ends, and a perpendicular notch. Twist at the notch, cut with a short tag end, and fold the tag over in the notch.

Just about perfect

This grip has single handedly changed my mind on what kind of grip I like. I have always liked lock on grips but these have changed my mind. The texture and the length are perfect. The only thing I'm not into is the famous grip twist. Im not sure if adding a lock to the inside of the flange would stop it or slow it or just have the inside twist? Either way its the best grip I've ever gripped. Great job y'all.

John D.
Good but not perfect

Great grips, fell really nice for gloveless riding and cheap. The one problem I faced was the bar ends getting stuck in the bar. The material used to make the bar ends is really stiff, great for banging it on stuff and bad for getting them out. If you like wide, thick, and soft grips, these are for you, just maybe replace the bar ends.

Awesome feel and size, but there's a "twist"

Love the size of these grips, and the compound/design for no-glove riding. That being said, they can have a tendency to twist on the bar overtime, but there is a secret to this issue! Grab a paint pen, and apply it to your bar where your grips will be installed. Allow it to dry + then install your grips = no more twisting grips.

Great for no gloves

Love the grips for gloveless riding, great price. Bar ends will never fall out. Just make sure you put them on correctly with no dirt on the bar.

great compound for shock prevention

i've got these on both my commuting hybrid and fat bike and they are awesome. very good grip and shock absorption. nice extra length for shifting position now and then. i also have them mounted on 25deg swept back handlebars for ultimate hand and wrist comfort.