The Dune grip uses a single clamp for riders who want to use the full width of their bar. It features a thin diameter for control and rounded diamond knurling for traction without a harsh bite. At 15A, the compound is soft with a moderate wear life.  While still tacky this gives increased durability over the ‘Supasoft’ 9A version.

The Supasoft compound is the tackiest we offer (9A) and is for riders who value grip over durability. (The Supasoft grips have silver collars to help identify them.)

Durometer // Standard 15a // Supasoft 9A
Length // 134mm
Diameter// 30mm
End Clamp // Single Clamp
Weight // 88g/pair

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Customer Reviews

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Supasoft 7 / 10 - Could be improved

-Soft rubber
-Decent damping for a lock on grip with hard plastic core
-Looks good
-Thin profile (personal preference)
-Lock on only one side

-Rubber would be better if tackier a la Renthal ultra tacky
-Hard plastic core so still not as much damping as similar diameter push on grip
-End of grip opposite lock on is made of hard plastic that isn't fully connected to soft rubber that makes up the grip (unlike ODI Elites and DMR Deathgrips that use the same stuff at the grip end too). Problem is the hard plastic digs into your hands if you're the type to hang hands over ends of the bar. Pretty annoying and uncomfortable to feel that hard plastic edge.

Overall 7/10

Hi Rich,
Thank you very much for this thorough review.
We always look at improving our products, and will take this into consideration.
Thanks again,


Stoked on this new grip! Glad that there is a new Chromag single clamp. I love the design and feel of the pattern. Thanks.

Dune, like the movie?

I'll start by saying that I work at Chromag.

I've had a few rides on this grip as a replacement for the Format. I've always liked the size of the Format grip but the uniform profile of the Dune is even easier to get along with.

I've had a lot of skiers thumb injuries and this is my favourite grip for reducing fatigue and sprains.

Thanks for listening!

Supa Soft Supa Grippy

Been running these grips now for about 12 months in a variety of conditions. I like not wearing gloves and have found these grips wear in beautifully and have a ton of grip in dry conditions. They have just got better the more you ride them.

Initially you will get a fair bit of rubber left on your palms but this is the path to the perfect grip. The compound feels as if the grip is forming to your palm.

The only downside I found is when wet/sweaty gloves are needed [Dirt gloves also help a ton], when wearing gloves though you feel like you're glued to your bars.

Found my new grip now!