Our Quick Release seatpost clamp features a unique bushing that contacts the entire cam surface for the smoothest, most powerful action possible.

The combination of a precision brass bushing and the smooth cam action of the lever makes for the most enjoyable lever experience. The brass bushing is precision machined to press-fit perfectly into the collar and mate with the lever cam. A custom Chromag 6mm bolt ensures reliability.

CNC machined in Canada.

(All Chromag frames use a 35mm)

Material // 6061 Alloy
Sizes // 30/32/35/36.5mm
Weight // 54g

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CNC Machining is a process in which a piece of raw material or stock is cut into a final desired shape using a computer controlled machine and often several different machine tools. Depending on the operation in question different tools are called, for example ball mills, end mills, thread mills, taps and slitting saws to name a few, all have different uses and come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Machining produces extremely accurate parts, often to within 0.001" (I know,  Canada is mostly metric but the industry predominately uses imperial units), and is renowned for creating a very high-end look with 3D surfacing and clean, strong edges which forging cannot produce.

Because every aspect of the part must be "cut out" machined parts take a long time to produce. A Ranger body for example takes 20 minutes to machine (the face plate is made separately), then it still needs to be deburred, quality checked, anodised, laser etched and assembled.  

Our CNC Machined parts are generally more expensive than our Forged parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best seatclamp on the market

Being from the uk I was a hope fan boy until I discovered chromag seat clamps. I ditched the hope one, in favour of a chromag one, this was back in 2009, now all my bikes run chromag seat clamps. The revised version offers much better smoother clamping.
These are the one clamp to rule them all.
When it comes to seat clamps there really is no other choice.

Greg R.
Best QR made.

I have been using the Chromag QRs for several years. They have performed flawlessly every time. Smooth, effortless functionality. Not only do they look incredibly good but they perform even better. Reliability, durability, performance, and aesthetics, what more could one ask for in a product? By far the best QR on the market.

Gary C.
Best QR Seat Post Collar

The best QR seat post collar that I have owned. Quality hardware for smooth operation to raise and lower your saddle. Durability for the hardware is great compared to other brands. However, my last collar actually developed a crack under the top ridge of the collar.and broke. This was after five years of use. Five stars for this collar had it not broke. Still purchased this collar again because of the satisfaction and use that I got out of the last one.

john r.
Perfect Clamp

Chromag has updated the design with a large brass bushing. It's a smooth operating clamp with great clamping force. My old QR was not clamping well and the post would still rotate. The long lever makes it very easy to operate. I'm happy and it's worth a few extra bucks for the quality of this product. Cool colors are a plus.

Perfect fit. Fantastic no-slip hold

Perfect fit. Fantastic no-slip hold. Just the right amount of bling.

No negatives here.

Very nice

Typical Chromag quality. In other words, superb!

P. B.
Consistently Smooth Operator

Brass insert makes for very smooth operation. I suppose the only complaint a weight weenie could make is that it isn't the lightest QR in the world, but then why wouldn't you just be using a non-QR collar in that case?