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WARNING: Installing this bicycle product requires in-depth knowledge of bicycle mechanics and professional-grade tools. If you do not have the proper tools or knowledge to perform this installation, please take your bicycle to your local bicycle dealer. Failure to appropriately install this product may lead to component failure, resulting in serious injury or death.

We recommend that you have this product installed, adjusted and maintained by a professional bicycle mechanic.


Chromag pedals are CNC machined from 6061–T6 aluminum.

The removable pins are made from hardened steel and can be custom height adjusted by adding or removing the washers underneath them.

The axle is heat treated chromoly and uses an 8mm allen key for mounting and removing from the crank arms.


Chromag pedals (Scarab and Contact models) are designed as flat pedals for use with non-clipped shoes.


  • Inspect and clean the axle threads if necessary. Lightly grease the threads.
  • Use a crankarm washer if crank manufacturer recommends using one.
  • Using a 6mm or 8mm allen key as appropriate to thread the pedals into the crank from the rear.
  • REMEMBER: Driveside pedals are threaded regularly and the non-driveside is opposite threaded.
  • Thread the pedal in hand tight until the pedal axle shoulder is flush with the crank. 
  • Do not over tighten the pedals. Refer to crank manufacturers guidelines for torque spec. An approximate minimum should be 30NM. 
  • Chromag pedals have removable pins and numerous positions for pins. We recommend experimenting to find the right balance of grip and dexterity for your. Different pedal/shoe combinations will affect the feel, as will riding style and preferences.

Care and Maintenance

Regularly check pedals are tight on the cranks and apply a light film of grease each season.

Check pins for burrs and sharp edges. File or replace as necessary.

In the case of a crash, impact or heavy landing check the pedals for damage. Do not attempt to straighten a pedal axle if it becomes bent. If there is any damage or bend to pedal axles, they can be replaced provided the body is not damaged.

Chromag pedals are designed to be easily serviced. Please refer to maintenance instructions on or contact us at


Chromag pedals are warrantied from the time of purchase for a period of one year, or as per the local laws of the region of purchase. The warranty applies only to the original owner and covers the product only in the case of manufacturing defect. It does not cover products damaged due to normal wear and tear, damage resulting from extreme use abuse, neglect, negligence, fading of colours and materials over time or other situations that don’t qualify as normal riding or normal conditions.

The warranty does not cover modifications or installation. Improper installation of related components will void the warranty. Surface finishes such as paint, chrome, anodizing, stickers or graphic applications are not covered under warranty unless deemed qualified by Chromag Bikes. Claims can be made either through a Chromag dealer, distributor or direct with Chromag bikes. Products considered as potentially valid warranty claims must be returned for inspection and must include the original receipt. Shipping or labour costs are not covered.


The pedal service instructions can be downloaded here.