Great traction and durability with this hand filling profile


Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
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Great tackiness and durability in a conventional sized package

☛ 142mm length
☛ 31mm diameter
☛ 25a durometer

☛ Pair of grips with clamps and end caps

☛ Double clamp with tear drop clamp


Durometer // 25a

Length // 142mm

Diameter // 30mm

End Clamp // Dual clamp, split teardrop

Weight // 106g per pair

Click here to view the grip user guide.
Squarewave MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components


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Service Guide

Need more info on setup, service and spare parts?

Check out our user guides here.


All of our parts are backed by a 1 year warranty.
After that we still have your back with our crash replacement program.

key features

Get to grips with our handles.

Durometer Explained

Essentially, durometer is a measure of hardness. The lower the number, the softer the material.

Keep an eye out for this in the "specs" section.

Some models are available in our Supa Soft compound which measures at 9a.

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Our grips have 3 distinct clamp styles;
single, double & none.

You may or may not have strong feelings about which style to run.


Our grips are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style and match the rest of your bike.

(Even if your style is all black everything.)

Grip FAQ's

Almost certainly! Our grips will fit on any bar with a 22.22mm diameter (where the grips sit).
All MTB bars (and most others) are 22.22mm.

You can! Find them here.

Generally speaking, the softer the grip (lower durometer number), the quicker it will wear out.

To mount non-lock-on grips, we recommend placing some cable ties (approximately five) inside the grip with the clasp at the outer edge of the grips. Slide the grips on - the zip ties should allow a smooth and easy installation. Once the end of the grip is flush with the end of the bar, use pliers to pull the zip ties out, one at a time, from the grips. Voila! 
Compressed air is also an option.

You can read the full user guide here, but the main points are:
• Follow handlebar torque specs.
• Make sure the grips are on all the way, especially for single clamp models. Lightly tap with a mallet if unsure.
Never use hammer-in style bar end plugs in carbon bars.

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    As one of three touch points connecting you to your bike, the choice of grips matters as it influences how secure and comfortable you feel as you barrel...

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Miguel S.
Great Fit

Color is similar to the one in the picture and the grips are of good quality.

Jeff S.
Grip it

I love these grips on all my bikes. I feel like the centre bulge fits the natural gap in my closed palm and provide some needed cushioning. The colors make it even cooler.


Best grips

colin a.
Love these -- on my

Love these -- on my 2nd pair

Wou won't go back

I was gifted a clapped out pair of squarewave XL grips in 2019. They were fantastic. I've since tried a couple of other companies grips and went back to the squarewave XL when they came back in stock after the shortage. The closest local trail to me is a rough and very fast 4 mile (2x) Enduro stage decent where the bulge makes a HUGE difference in hand fatigue.
Tried ergon, Meaty paws, and oury grips between pairs of Squarewave XL.

The only grip I'll run

Since I started using the basis grip I can't go back to any others (other than the clutch grip on my dj bike). I saw an improvement in the amount I could ride before getting tired hands when I started using these and the grip is top notch with or without gloves.

Charlie c.
Great customer service

I purchased these grips from my bike shop and i striped the screw. I contacted them and within a short time he emailed me back and shipped the new screw. He even asked me when they got to my house. Amazing grips and customer service

Anna S.
My go to grip

I struggle a lot with hand pain while riding (especially in the middle of Whistler summer on the bike park brake bumps) and have tried many different grips. The Squarewave are the best grips that I've tried so far in helping me deal with this problem. Good grip and ergo fit. Seem to last well as well.