Sean Turns 50!

Happy 50th Sean!

It’s been said, on more than one occasion, that the people of Chromag are a fairly quirky and somewhat eccentric.  A reputation that’s been earned, in no small part, by the contribution of Sean Dinwoodie.

A customer calling in looking for some info on fork offset, or Q-factor, might end up getting a little more than they bargained for. Detailed information about the band Kraftwerk, or the Cats Eye Nebula or…"the crazy dream I had last night!" comes free flowing. None the less, they will undoubtedly be entertained, and have plenty of attention paid to them…and they will most likely get the information they are looking for, eventually! In fact we love it when Sean answers the phone because we know it’s going to be entertaining. He has a unique talent for screening cold calls to Chromag, more often than not they end up learning more about us (or more likely the most recent Space-X exploits) than we do from them.

It's no secret we like to have fun here at Chromag and Sean is a big part of that. If you've ever called and Sean has picked up the phone mid way through a laughing fit, it's not because he doesn't care, it's because he wants you to be part of the fun. Most of us only hear one side of these conversations, and it's very entertaining if not fascinating. He's normally giving away directions to the latest loamer we've been sworn to secrecy on, in the first 30 seconds of a call. But that's just who Sean is, he wants everyone to be along for the ride.

Sean is a natural salesman who loves interacting with people and is often the first point of contact here at Chromag.  He’s an outgoing fellow who likes to make his presence known with offbeat jokes and the occasional dose of shock value.  If you are a Chromag owner or a dealer, chances are you have dealt with Sean at some point and experienced his special brand yourself. Sean has worked at Chromag since the early days. He has sold countless bikes to people and made many dreams come true. Chromag would not be the brand that it is today without him.  

Sean loves bikes and bike riding and is a bit of a beast on the trails. He's one of the fitter amongst a reasonably fit bunch, but if he notices someone struggling he'll hang back and take the pressure off. 

He’s also got a signature move, known as the Sean-Whip and it’s a good idea to stay clear when one is performed. Actually, best stay clear at all times! 

We love you Sean, happy birthday! (Grab your goodie bag, open your gifts, blow out your candles...)

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